Besicomm Time Recording

There are many good reasons for a time management system. HR PT from SAP is definitely one of the best solutions.

If you don't want to miss the comfort of using terminals for your time booking, you need a link to SAP HR PT. The SAP HR-PDC interface is designed in such a way that no additional user interface is required. Therefore, a technical subsystem achieves the best SAP integration and does not require user training.

Besicomm now also works with SAP SuccessFactors via our jay cloud solution. Besicomm is the link between all terminals that are not yet cloud-ready and jay cloud / SF.

If you don’t want to miss the comfort of using terminals for your time booking 


PDF Time Recording

Besicomm Time Recording at a glance

  • SAP Time Management with terminals
  • Use of the HR-PDC interface
  • SAP job controlled
  • No user interface required
  • Maintenance free
  • System independent (UNIX, Windows)
  • Simple concept, minimum system requirements
  • Online validation of terminal bookings with actual SAP master data
  • Many additional modules available (production data collection, access control, web terminals,…)
  • Besicomm is the most widely used technical subsystem for time recording in SAP
  • Also works with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central via our jay cloud 
  • The installation is performed directly on the SAP server, a dedicated server or on the ioT Box.


Why Besicomm?

Besicomm not only masters time recording. Besicomm can be expanded modularly around the basic communication module.

Besicomm supports all terminals of the dormakaba family and uses the SAP standard interfaces HR-PDC, PP-PDC, KK3, KK4 and CATS as well as jay cloud for SF.

Simple and maintenance-free:
The basic software is deliberately kept simple, the basic concept aims to be maintenance-free. All necessary user interactions are carried out at the terminal or in SAP. SAP is always the leading system, the interfaces are operated via scheduled jobs.

BESICO AG is also there for the customer after installations. We offer competent support. We coordinate the partners and subcontractors involved, such as terminal manufacturers, SAP consultants, software suppliers, etc. so that the customer gets along with one contact person.

Since the first SAP R/2 connections Besicomm has grown continuously with SAP. Several hundred customers throughout Europe use Besicomm.

Further development:
Besicomm is continuously developed, the core of the solution is the proven terminal communication. Besicomm's current App-enabled terminals offer a lot of additional benefits, integration with SAP SF ensures the value of the existing terminal infrastructure, web terminal and our mobile solution round of the product.

Platform independent:
Besicomm runs on various UNIX derivatives, on the current Windows Server operating systems and also on Windows 10.

By using the UDP/IP protocol for terminal communication and performance-optimized software, even a very large installation can run together with SAP on one server. No server restart is necessary for the installation.

Besicomm can be extended at any time via the modular add-ons.

Multi-client capable:
Besicomm can serve several SAP systems and clients. External systems can easily be connected via web services.