Besicomm Mobile PDC

Perform the work order change where you are currently working. Select the order without printing it first. These are two of the many advantages that our mobile solution offers over classic hardware terminals.


Besicomm Mobile PDC at a glance

  • As HTML5 web app and native app for capturing of work orders on smartphones and tablets
  • Works on Android, iOS and Windows (Web App only) based devices
  • Compatible with existing hardware terminals
  • Customer-specific configurable
  • Camera integration as barcode scanner (depending on device)
  • Suitable as frontend for the following SAP modules / interfaces: HR-PDC (presence time, cost centers and internal orders), PP-PDC (production orders), KKx (maintenance, service and projects), CATS (service recording), CO direct and customer-specific interfaces

Testing Besicomm Mobile PDC?

As a Web-App:

(only website in browser, no installation necessary)                            
Identity card number: 1011
Pin Code: 1234

As a native App:

In the Apple Store at: besicomm
In the Google Play Store at: besicomm
Configuration name: PDCsuT
Password: Test
Identity card number: 1011
Pin Code: 1234