Time recording in times of coronavirus / home office

In the current corona crisis many people have to do home office work, probably a large part of your staff as well. Our solution "Besicomm Mobile" supports your employees in this. The time recording can be done easily on the smartphone.

Besicomm Mobile is an easy to use web app for all current smartphones. Thanks to the use of HTML5, the solution can also be used offline.


Besicomm Mobile for time recording on your own device

Besicomm Mobile can be used alone, or as a complement to the dormakaba hardware terminals and impersonal software seminars. The Besicomm webserver provides the same functions and validations. Besicomm Mobile can be used in the conventional dormakaba style, or in the current UI5 style. Thus, the user always has his familiar interface.

Besicomm Mobile at a glance

  • Presence status dependent representation of functions
  • Manage bookings entered offline
  • Administration of own devices
  • Freely definable balance lists
  • Help and instruction page
  • Integration of any web pages with and without identification
  • Booking lists (time events only or list with summing up)
  • Subsequent Posting of time events
  • Bookings for breaks and off-site work
  • Entering short absences
  • Change of cost center and internal orders
  • Confirmation of working orders

Testing Besicomm Mobile?

As a Web-App:

(only website in browser, no installation necessary)                                     
Identity card number: 1011
Pin Code: 1234

As a native App:

In the Apple Store at: besicomm
In the Google Play Store at: besicomm
Configuration name: HRsuE
Password: Test
Identity card number: 1011
Pin Code: 1234