Besicomm Access Control

Many processes of a company are controlled directly from SAP. Why not the online Access Control?

With Besicomm the SAP personnel master data can be used for the simple configuration of the access control.



PDF Access Control

Besicomm Access Control at a glance

  • Control of doors, barriers, gates, rooms, floors, elevators, complete buildings
  • Control of authorizations up to the minute
  • Individual profiles for persons, groups of persons and departments
  • For almost unlimited terminals and employees
  • Authorization assignment almost in real time
  • Intuitive user guidance
  • Multiple evaluation options
  • Integrated authorization system
  • No training required due to maximum SAP integration
  • High user acceptance due to ease of use
  • No client installation required
  • Connection of offline components via CardLink 
  • Compatible with jay cloud Access Control for SuccessFactors
  • Connection of wireless door components via dormakaba Wireless


Why Besicomm?

Control is better:
Companies and public authorities have a vital interest in protecting premises, buildings and parking areas from unauthorised access. With Besicomm access control, we offer you a system that allows you to centrally secure a wide variety of accesses. You decide for which employees or visitors certain doors, barriers or elevators open. And you also specify the period for which access is to be granted.


There are many reasons for an access control integrated in SAP:
  • The human resources department is familiar with SAP and does not want to operate other applications.
  • SAP is the leading system; all master data is used directly by SAP.
  • The standardized HR-PDC interface is used.