Besicomm Attendance Monitor

Whether a supervisor, employee at the reception desk or in the switchboard, information is always needed as to whether a particular employee is in the house or absent. With the Besicomm Attendance Monitor this information is presented clearly and easily understandable. 

The Besicomm Attendance Monitor saves you:

  • Unnecessary phone calls to people who are not available
  • Unsatisfied customers who have to wait on the phone until it is clear whether the responsible person is in the house or not
  • Time-consuming routes to unfilled jobs
  • Missing employees resources in working groups

Besicomm Attendance Monitor at a glance

  • Clear and easy to understand display of the employees present and absent
  • Display of the employee's absence days
  • Intuitive user guidance
  • Overview of employees based on ORG Management in SAP
  • No training costs
  • High user acceptance due to ease of use
  • No client installation 


Why Besicomm?

The Attendance Monitor cannot be used for a complete overview of a company, but can also be used to monitor a work area or room. For example, it can be shown how many and which persons are in a certain area. It is also an excellente planning and decision-making aid.

SAP Integration:
The Besicomm Attendance Monitor not only evaluates data from the subsystem, but also directly from the SAP systems. The additional display of employee data such as telephone numbers, e-mail address, department, photo and much more is prepared. If SAP ORG Management is available, the presence of employees can be displayed according to the ORG structure. Again, the focus is on clear presentation and ease of use.

Further features:

  • Intuitive operation via menu, icons and pushbuttons
  • Data evaluation from the subsystem and directly from SAP
  • An integrated authorization concept ensures that each user can only access the data intended for him. The login can be done via the user account or an LDAP database.
  • Multiple search and sort functions.