Besicomm Visitor Management System

The larger a company or an authority, the more employees, visitors and external companies go in and out. Even if each individual has to pass by the reception desk: Only a central collection and evaluation of the data gives you the necessary overview of who is on your premises at what time and for what purpose.

With the Besicomm Visitor Management System you can create visitor badges with a few clicks and manage the badges of your employees directly from the SAP master record. Various evaluation functions provide a quick overview of relevant bookings at any time.

With the Besicomm badge management you can create visitor badges with a few clicks and manage the badges of your employees directly from the SAP master record. Various evaluation functions provide a quick overview of relevant bookings at any time

  • Easy assignment and management of employee, visitor and contractor badges
  • Recording of visitor data
  • Creation of visitor and replacement badges
  • Issuance of secondary badges
  • Assignment to cost centers, canteen, gas station, etc.
  • Locking of badges
  • Multiple evaluation options, as temporary list, Excel or PDF
  • Web service interface to external systems such as dormakaba EXOS
  • Import of bookings from external systems
  • Integrated authorization system
  • Intuitive user guidance
  • No training costs
  • High user accpetance due to ease of use
  • No client installation required

Why Besicomm?

Reasons for managing an identity card:
Every day, a wide variety of people enter the premises of companies or institutions: Both known and new employees, visitors, guests and external company employees. These people use a badge, for example to transfer:

  • to identify themselves
  • times, such as the start and end of work
  • to be able to enter certain areas
  • to be paid in the canteen area

A badge management is the tool with which the badges are assigned to the persons. However, there are other requirements for such a system. Evaluation of recorded data:

  • Who was when, where and how often on the company premises? (booking list)
  • Who has what ID? (ID card list)
  • How long did the contractor's employee work? (Time statement)
  • Management of badges also independent of SAP
  • printout of visitor cards and substitute badges
  • Locking of badges

With the Besicomm Web badge management, employees, external employees and visitors are assigned the respective badges and these are also managed. The employee data is transferred as a master record from SAP or entered in the Web badge management.

Fast data flow:
New badges or badge changes are communicated to other systems - such as access control - in the shortes possible time. The data is immediately available to the terminals. This eliminates long waiting times for staff and visitors.

SAP integration:
The Besicomm Web badge management behaves like an SAP client in which badges can be created, edited and deleted.

The integrated logging precisely registers all actions. And this in conjunction with the user name from which they were taken. This creates a complete history of all transactions.

Evaluations and lists:
With the Besicomm Web badge management, various lists and evaluations can be created. The desired information can be precisely and quickly filtered out from the recorded data using several selection criteria.

Data protection:
Data security is guaranteed with the Besicomm Web badge management through an integrated authorization concept. Each user of the badge management sees only the data that he needs and for which he has the authorization. Unauthorized access to time or booking data is therefore not possbile.

Perfect supplement:
The Besicomm Web ID card management can also be easily and securely integrated into existing time recording solutions.


  • Intuitive operation via menu, icons and pushbuttons
  • History function with simplified new output for returning visitors or foreign workers 
  • Logging of all actions with the user name
  • Various lists for evaluation  of identity card control. Customer-specific lists on request
  • Multi-language capable: Information is displayed in the respective stored language of the user
  • With the Besicomm tool „Booking import of CSV files“ the validated import of locally stored booking data is very easy.