Besicomm ioT Box

The Besicomm ioT Box connects the dormakaba access and time recording hardware via SAP Leonardo with jay cloud

This allows the existing infrastructure to be used without local server installation to control access control from SuccessFactors and transfer time events from terminals to SuccessFactors.

The box contains a variety of templates for common door configurations and ready-made configurations for time recording terminals. This reduces installation costs. Due to the integrated remote maintenance, automatic backup and update functions, the box is inexpensive and reliable in operation.

The box can of course also be used for classic SAP HCM connections.



Besicomm ioT Box

Besicomm ioT Box at a glance

  • Predefined Besicomm solution for Time and Access
  • Purchase and rental model available
  • Compatible with all dormakaba WFM access control
    readers and controllers
  • Compatible with all dormakaba WFM time recording terminals
  • Connection to SAP SCP through SAP Leonardo
  • Optimized for jay cloud access control in SAP SuccessFactors