Besicomm Terminal Editor

The Besicomm terminal editor makes terminal commissioning child's play.

One configuration template per group is created in the terminal group editor. For all following terminals of this group, only the IP configuration and the group have to be entered, then the terminal can be completely configured with a mouse click. Many simple additional tools for managing the terminals make it easier for the system administrator to work on system adjustments and control.


PDF Terminaleditor

Besicomm Terminal Editor at a glance

  • -Clear and easy to understand display of the current terminal status
  • Simplest creation and editing of terminals
  • Use of templates for the simplest configuration of similar terminals
  • Shows information on IP, online/offline status and alarm sets via remote diagnosis
  • Optional e-mail notification in case of status changes
  • Intuitive user guidance
  • No training costs
  • No Client Installation