Besicomm Web Terminal

The Web Terminal fills the gap between the classic hardware terminal and the SAP GUI.

Because it is 100% compatible with the dormakaba time and PDC terminals, it can be used in parallel with them without any problems.





PDF Web Terminal

Besicomm Web Terminal at a glance

  • Multifunctional: hardware terminal deployment, info terminal, master screen, mobile solution.....
  • HR time recording: recording of current time events, but also post-recording in a timesheet possible (Infotype 2011, CATS)
  • HR time recording: Record and Display Attendances and Absences (Infotypes 2001, 2002, and CATS)
  • Production data acquisition: Acquisition of order times and feedback of order changes for the PP modules. CO, PM/CS, PS, SD, PI and CATS
  • Operating data acquisition: Master screen for evaluation and corrections
  • Compatible with existing hardware terminals
  • Customer-specific configurable
  • Cost effective
  • Ideal to easily map complex booking processes
  • Optional LDAP integration for authorization and function control 


Why Besicomm?


What is a Web Terminal?
The Besicomm Web Terminal has many faces. The basis is always the same service. However, this can be configured very versatile. The input type, mouse, keyboard, barcode scanner, Legic reader or touch screen determine the configuration in addition to the desired functions.

Web Terminal as extended hardware terminal:
The web terminal can be called up on any hardware terminal that has a browser. This can make sense if the existing terminal application is not functional enough, or to integrate existing terminals from third parties that are not otherwise supported. Embedded in our terminal app, we also extend the functions of the latest dormakaba terminal generation.

Web Terminal as hardware terminal replacement:
Together with a USB Legic reader and possibly a barcode scanner for production data acquisition, every PC becomes a fully-fledget terminal. All in One PCs with touch screens are ideal for this purpose.

Web Terminal for extended functions:
The web terminal shows its advantages where there are increased (customer-specific) requirements. (production data acquisition, time statements, daily and weekly acquisitions, master screens, corrections and much more).

Web Terminal as workstation application:
Due to the high input comfort, it is also suitable for time recording at the workplace. A large number of variants can be activated: Attendance/absence recording with and without workflow, recording of time events, recording in weekly papers, order time recording, etc.

Web Terminal as mobile solution:
Since a web browser is sufficient, the web terminal is also the cheapest mobile variant, which thanks to HTML5 technology is also offline capable. Together with our Android- or iOS-App the user comfort increases additionally.

Important features oft he Web Terminal:

  • The Web Terminal can easily be used in parallel operation with dormakaba hardware terminals
  • The Web Terminal is multilingual, languages not yet used can be added by the customer via a language editor
  • All user interactions can be logged
  • Various authorization checks can be configured (internal user administration, SAP master data, pin code, LDAP, ...)