Besicomm Plant Data Collection

SAP offers a variety of options for production and cost control in manufacturing and maintenance. Besicomm Plant Data Collection unite the different, complex SAP GUI's in a simple form for the employees in the workshop.

If you don't want to do without the convenience of recording data at terminals, you need a link to SAP. The standard SAP interfaces are structured in a way that no additional user interface is required. Therefore, our technical subsystem achieves the best SAP integration and does not require any user training.

Besicomm Plant Data Collection at a glance

  • Identification related production data collection for SAP with hardware, web and mobile terminals
  • Use of SAP standard interfaces for HR, PP, PM/CS, PS and CO modules
  • Validation of entries with SAP master data, thus correct data in SAP
  • Simple data Recording
  • cross-module integration
  • Use of HR times for simplified production recording
  • -HR postings can interrupt/start production entry
  • HR times billed from SAP can be used for plant data collection Time Calculation 


Why Besicomm?

Correct data:
Which data do you need at all? The answer to this question determins the concept. Besicomm achieves the best possible data quality with the simplest possible recording, 100% complete online validation and full auomation of processes.

Simple acquisition: 
Data quality depends almost exclusively on user acceptance. All our input interfaces, whether dormakaba terminal, web mask or mobile device, are designed so that users can enter their data with minimal effort. 

Cross-module integration:
One advantage of the subsystem is that it has all data collected centrally. Therefore, SAP module-spanning functions can also be carried out. For example, a start of a CS process can terminate a PP Process, or the "come" or "go" bookings can interrupt/start the shop floor data collection processes automatically.



Validation with SAP master data is central to data quality. Besicomm does this consistently, the user can only enter data that corresponds to the SAP master data. The use of barcode scanners and predefiined lists improves data quality.

All processes are SAP job controlled. Apart from data input at the end device, no further user input is required in Besicomm. All other actions are performed exclusively in SAP.